HotGuard shielding blankets are a standard product that is simple to install, remove, and store. Blankets can be installed via grommets built into the bag material and can be easily transported using built-in Velcro straps. These features make blankets an ideal solution for shielding that will be used in many different applications over its lifetime. Blankets are durable and can be used in many different capacities, such as wrapping around large piping or components or hanging on racks to create shield walls.

HotGuard blankets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom designed to meet any needs. Our standard blanket is 1 foot wide and 7/16 inches thick and come in a variety of lengths.

Blankets come standard wrapped in two white layers of polyurethane with stainless steel grommets and Velcro straps. Additionally, Newport News Industrial can provide blankets wrapped in different materials (such as brown Nomex) or different polyurethane colors (such as yellow, orange, etc).

Standard Size Blanket Weight
1’ x 1’ x 0.25” 14.5 lbs
1’ x 2’ x 0.25” 29 lbs
1’ x 3’ x 0.25” 43 lbs
1’ x 4’ x 0.25” 57.5 lbs