C-Worthy™ Shock Mounts


The C-Worthy™ Shock Mounts is a commercial shock and vibration isolator that is rugged enough to enable the use of commercial off-the-shelf equipment in Naval applications to reduce life cycle cost.


  • Navy
  • Maritime
  • Seismic
  • Transportation

Technical Characteristics:

  • Weight capacities from 5 to 700 pounds
  • Material Dupont Hytrel®
  • Frequency 5 – 7 Hz
  • Temperature range -30° – 150°F
  • Maximum drift 0.1 inch @ 150°F
  • 10 to 30 year service life
  • Environmental resistance – Inertness to marine environments and chemicals.
  • Multi-Axis Capability – can be installed in any geometry allowing increased ability to accommodate customers needs with respect to attachment points and orientation.
  • Load matching – allows greater ability to make mounts’ global (3-axis) center of effort coincident with cabinet CG.
    • Independent adjustment of lateral and vertical stiffness.
    • Excellent balance between tensile- compressive deflection regime.
  • Low Frequency – The C-Worthy™ mount is load softening. Frequency therefore changes with displacement. Being stiffer at small deflections means normal ship motions do not cause large motions. Stiffness softens at larger deflections, lowering frequency and shock acceleration.
  • The NNI C-Worthy™ Program offers limited free analysis and application engineering services to assist the customer mount selection.

This is accomplished by:

  • Translation response analysis for three axes under a catalog of Floating Shock Platform (FSP) test data.
  • Incorporate nonlinear mount properties in stiffness and damping (small and large displacements) loss models.
  • More extensive analysis services are available to include:
    • Five-axis of motion analysis under a catalog of Floating
    • Shock Platform (FSP) test data.
    • Inclusion of FSP deck fixture dynamics including differential displacements from twisting and local distortion.
    • Utilizing multiple fundamental modes (including rocking modes) in a direct transient analysis.

Product Class

Load Range Primary Function Natural Frequency 1:1 Stiffness All Attitude

Style 1

25-145 Lbs Shock 12-18 Hz No


Style 2 25-145 Lbs Shock 12-18 Hz No