Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Example: Western Refinery 55,000 Gallon Blow Down Tank

The Blowdown Tank was designed and fabricated by NNI in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sec VIII, Div 1 for unfired pressure vessels. The 55,000 gallon tank is 11’ x 60’ with a design pressure of 50 psig and full vacuum with a temperature of 800 degrees F. The shell plates (five sections) were rolled, edge prepped, and welded at NNI’s site. Radiography requirement was 100%. The vessel was transported to the refinery where the nozzles and saddle supports were fabricated and installed on the vessel. A hydrostatic test was performed at the client’s site and the exterior painted. Final acceptance of the new vessel was completed by our Authorized Inspector and the new vessel was “U” stamped.