Newport News Industrial, Corp. (NNI) is serious about the health and safety of all our personnel and those we work with at our off-site job locations. NNI also cares about the impact our actions may have on the environment. We demonstrate our commitment to health and safety and the environment by establishing EH&S policies and procedures.

NNI takes a very proactive approach to EH&S by having daily “Toolbox” meetings and pre-job briefings. Every day starts with a new Safety and Human Performance Message as well as a Take 5 Safety Topic. We train our employees on the applicable policies and procedures to meet and exceed all EH&S regulations. We challenge and expect our employees to take ownership of their individual and coworker’s health and safety with the tools and training provided to them. Each employee receives Human Performance Training and is expected to utilize their Human Performance Tools prior to starting every job. These tools include Pre-Job Brief, Two-Minute Warning, Peer Checks, Self-Checks, Stop When Unsure, Questioning Attitude, Procedure Use and Adherence and 3 Way Communication. Another expectation of our employees is to protect the environment and community surrounding the job location.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy environment for our employees and the citizens of our community. It is NNI’s company policy to comply and go above and beyond all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

NNI’s EH&S program centers on employee involvement and accountability. This approach has produced consistent safety metrics exceeding the industry average and exemplary environmental performance for our company.