HotGuard™ Radiation Shielding

Newport News Industrial, NNI, is the manufacturer of HotGuard™ the industry’s leading and patented lead free, non-toxic radiation shielding material. Our initiatives are aiding the nuclear industry in reducing dose rates by providing engineer services and creating cutting edge products. HotGuard™ can be engineered to meet weight and size requirements. Our product line of radiation shields offers personal shielding vests, blankets, pipe wraps, tapes, flooring, magnetic shielding, and custom shapes.


In 2003, HotGuard™ Lead-Free Radiation Shielding was developed by Newport News Shipbuilding for use in the Naval Nuclear Refueling and Complex Overhaul work. HotGuard™ was developed as an alternative to traditional lead wool shielding to minimize the health and safety risks associated with the handling of lead and to prevent the creation of hazardous mixed wastes. HotGuardTM was also found to provide better shielding than traditional lead wool blankets, and is easier to install. Today, lead-free Tungsten shielding is used in many applications as an alternative, less hazardous method of radiation shielding.

There are many advantages to using tungsten-based lead-free radiation shielding products such as HotGuard:

  • Better attenuation than traditional lead wool shielding
  • Less weight per foot than lead wool
  • Non-hazardous – no mixed waste concerns or lead handling required
  • Completely customizable – special pieces can be created for a specific job, allowing for more efficient shielding of unusual shape components.
  • Easy to work with – can be cut on-site to any size needed
  • Excellent conformability to a wide variety of shapes