Engineering Services

Newport News Industrial has access to thousands of engineers and technical specialists with a broad range of engineering specialties. Areas of expertise include

  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Welding
  • Radiation control and shielding
  • Environmental
  • Acoustic fluid mechanics
  • Ventilation and testing

As a leader in design of complicated systems, our engineers utilize state of the art tools such as three dimensional product models that can support fabrication and modular build strategies, material control, maintenance and life cycle management including logistics (e.g. repair part and technical manual management). Our engineers and designers routinely perform work in accordance with ASME, AISC, ACI and specialized Navy design specifications. They use a variety of design and analysis tools including AutoCAD, CATIA, 4DNavigator, MSC NASTRAN, ABAQUS, Flowmaster and computational fluid dynamic codes. All work is performed under an ISO 9000 quality system plus various other quality requirements mandated for nuclear and non-nuclear work.

Examples of engineering capabilities related to design, fabrication and erection include:

  • Design of pressure vessels, piping and components
  • Design of equipment and component foundations
  • Design of subassemblies, modular components and erection plans to support low cost efficient construction while maintaining high tolerance controls
  • Design of reactor servicing equipment and components including waste tanks, shielding, platforms, containers, lifting and handling gear, mock ups, support stands and special tooling
  • Design of lifting, handling and shipping fixtures for critical components
  • Design of HVAC, including exhaust ventilation systems in support of operations in confined environments
  • Technical procedure preparation
  • Component proof testing and system start-up and proof testing
  • Design of power, lighting and instrumentation and control systems