Shock & Vibration Engineering Services

Our shock and vibration expertise includes an extensive background in ship analysis and design. This experience is applied in analyzing customer applications to develop shock and vibration isolation solutions.

Examples of some of the background capabilities of our engineering staff include:

  • Analyzing the internal response of ships to enable the insertion of commercial equipment.
  • Designing specialized testing equipment to simulate the actual ship or vibration environment.
  • Designing specialized testing systems to study the mechanical, shock, or acoustic performance of mounts.
  • Creating detailed models of foundations and supporting structures that are used to maximize the efficiency of the designs.

NNI offers the following services to our customers:

  • Application Engineering
  • Shipboard Environment Engineering
  • Above Mount FEA and response
  • Component Level Response Analysis
  • Chirp Machine Support
  • Test Program Development (FSP, MWSM, LWSM)
  • Procedure Writing
  • On Site Support
  • Test Lab Services
  • Light Weight Shock Machine
  • Vibration Testing